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What happens during this PeeTime:
You see Elise, Imogen, Specs, and Tucker inside the house, talking about what to do next. Elise tells Specs and Imogen to go and find the red Bible, while she and Tucker go down to the fallout shelter.

Cut to Specs and Imogen looking through books, with Specs trying -- and failing -- to flirt with her.

Scene cuts to Elise, saying there is something down there, as she is looking at a fan grate. She tells Tucker to remove it, and he pulls out a woman's lace slip. Elise grabs it, and while she's holding it, has a vision of her Dad opening the door to the fallout shelter, to feed the girl chained up inside. He shuts the door, and you see the girl pull out a key. She unlocks her shackles, running toward the door.

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