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What happens during this PeeTime:
Mrs. Getty searches in her closet for a box that contains the figurine Mr. Getty gave to Paul years ago when they first met. She rushes out of the house, telling Chase to watch the children.

She goes to a man and inquires about the value of the figurine, informing him that Mr. Getty had estimated it to be worth 1.2 million dollars several years ago. The man informs Mrs. Getty that the item is simply a cheap gift, often sold to tourists. Mrs. Getty doesn't believe him, and angrily says she'll get a price estimate elsewhere. The man gives her the name of a person at the Capitoline museum who can help her.

When she arrives at the museum, the name she is given leads her to the museum gift shop, where she sees numerous figurines that look exactly like her own, and are being sold for only 15 Euros. She realizes that the figurine she has preserved for years has no value, and cannot help her son. Realizing this, she begins to cry.

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