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What happens during this PeeTime:
Alex flies the copter across the jungle, then realizes the controls are jammed. They start to lose altitude and fall into a canyon. They are barely able to stay off the ground. A herd of angry "man-eating'" rhinos chase the copter along the canyon floor. Spencer, as Bravestone, climbs onto the copter roof to fix the blades. The rhinos bat at them, then the copter flies up and away.

As the copter climbs out of the canyon, Fridge tells the group he dropped the jewel while they looked over the edge. They have to go back for it. They fly back into the canyon and spot the jewel, circled by the rhinos, who are protecting it.

Fridge offers Spencer his weapons, but Spencer nods sadly, says, "Sorry," and pushes Fridge off the copter and into the rhino herd. He decided to sacrifice one of Fridge's lives to get the jewel back. When Fridge appears again, back in the jungle, he is really mad.

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