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What happens during this PeeTime:
Spencer turns away, telling himself not to cry. He says there are too many bugs and diseases, and complains that it's too hot. He turns back and tells the group how they will accomplish the game's task, based on his huge amount of gaming experience. He looks at the map, which has nothing on it.

He hands the map to Bethany/Professor Oberon, as their cartographic expert. She says the map is changing, and the hippo came from The Deep -- the first level. The second level is The Mighty Roar. That's when they hear/see a motorcycle posse coming at them. They run.

Martha, as Ruby Roundhouse, instinctively attacks and takes out 1 of the men on his bike. Spenser asks Fridge for a weapon, gets a boomerang, and takes a few more out. The rest of the motorcycles chase them off a cliff, and into the water below.

As they get out of the water, they realize Martha's been hurt. She loses her 1st life, then is sent back.

(As you return, the group takes a moment for a Peetime of their own. It's a cute scene, so you should be back by then.)

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