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What happens during this PeeTime:
Inside Finn's ship, "Codebreaker DJ" wants payment. He takes Rose's "Smelt" medallion. Finn argues, but Rose says it's okay

Cut to the space battle. Poe demands Admiral Holdo give him the new plan. The fleet is almost out of fuel. He notices Holdo siphoning away the rest of the fuel, and gets upset, asking why they are running away. He calls Holdo a coward and a traitor. She says to her officers, "Get this man off my bridge."

Next, we see Poe calling in to Finn, to find out when he will be back with the codebreaker.

Cut to Rey on the Falcon telling Chewie goodbye. She loads herself onto an escape pod and heads to the 1st Order Star Destroyer. Kylo Ren opens her pod, looks at her, and has her put in restraints.

Cut to Poe trying to tell the admiral the new plan, with Finn's information. She won't have it. Poe tries to start a mutiny, but it doesn't work.

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