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What happens during this PeeTime:
On the Resistance ship, there are only 6 hours of fuel left. The 1st Order continues to hunt Leia's fleet.

Cut to Finn and Rose, finding a criminal (DJ, played by Benicio Del Toro) in their cell. He tells them he can break the code, for a fee. They tell him no thanks, but he opens the cell door anyway, and takes off. Once outside the cell, he sees BB-8 took down a lot of cops, all by himself. They take off. (Normally, we don't like you to miss a character introduction, but his scenes here are super short, and you'll be up to date the next time we see him.)

Finn and Rose make a break for it, and find paddocks full of racing beasts. Rose opens their doors, and we see each has a slave child inside, who cares for a beast. Rose says to one child, "Don't be afraid. We are the Resistance." She shows him a ring with the Resistance symbol on it.

Rose and Finn ride a beast out, clomping through the casino, making a huge ruckus. Racing outside and to the beach, the cops' main ship finally catches up to them, pinning them down. It turns out to be their new codebreaker (with BB-8) in the cop ship, and he gives them a lift off the planet.

This was a nice, long Peetime, but you will want to BE BACK NOW, when Luke appears outside, on his island, at night.

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