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What happens during this PeeTime:
The cast and crew cool off outside and have lunch. They discuss what the heck the movie could possibly be about --- one actress says it might be autobiographical about Tommy, and his sense of loss.

Cut to Greg and Amber meeting Bryan Cranston, who is a close friend of Amber's. He invites Greg to play a role on *Malcolm in the Middle*, since his beard looks like a lumberjack's (I assume this references one of the Alaska scenes from that sitcom).

Cut to *Shoot Day 52 of 40*: Tommy emotes and throws stuff around the stage. He overacts, does a suicide scene, and keeps on being weird.

Greg approaches Tommy, and asks for the next day off to perform in *Malcolm in the Middle*. Tommy freaks out and refuses, telling Greg to choose between the movie and the TV show. Greg chooses the movie. It's an uncomfortable, intense scene. But, hey, you don't miss anything funny.

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