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What happens during this PeeTime:
Via is in drama class, while Auggie has his class group photo taken.

In voice over, Auggie asks, "What evil man invented dodge ball?" (All the kids pummel him mercilessly.)

Chewbacca shows up at school (in a daydream) and Auggie rushes over to him. Auggie says, "Sorry if my staring made you feel weird." They fistbump. It's sweet.

Cut to science class, where Auggie excels. There is a pop quiz and Auggie shares his answers with Jack, who is pleased. In turn, Jack sits with him at lunch. Auggie offers to have Jack come over for science help after school, and he agrees. Then they have fun by eating like animals, and laugh together. Cue a montage of them being kids, having fun.

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