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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Clark, brooding in his cornfield, talking to Lois. She asks him what coming back to life is like. He says it was, "Itchy. Weird, in so many ways."

Lois tells him that she wasn't strong when he was away, and that he would be disappointed in her. He tells her that he's back now and he'll make things right. They kiss.

She says, "I was hoping that it was going to take you longer to recover." He asks why. She says, "Because now I have to send you away. They need you. Fate of the world... It's pretty tense." She reminds him, "No dying."

Mom drives up in her truck. She and Clark hug. She can't believe he's alive.

Cut to Steppenwolf. He raises up the boxes and says, "At last. Praise to the Unity that three is one." There's a long sequence of special effects, then he adds, "Praise to the mother of horrors." More effects.

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