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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Bruce and Alfred working. Bruce says that Diana is right about the risk, "And if the plan goes South we're going to bring in the big guns." Alfred is surprised and says, "But that's not...Those are very big guns."

They argue more and then Bruce says, "The world needs Superman. And the team needs Clark." Alfred asks, "What if he's at peace?" Bruce says, "He'll get over it."

Cut to Barry/Flash and Victor/Cyborg digging up Clark's grave and chatting about their origins: both are accidents. Barry tries to bond with Victor, and it just isn't happening.

Cut to Barry, driving an army truck to the security gate outside the Kryptonian ship. (The coffin is in the back of the truck.) Cyborg hacks the security to make sure he can get in.

Cut to the team, all suited up, bringing Clark's coffin to the regeneration area.

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