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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Diana in the Batcave using Bruce's computers to track down Victor Stone. Suddenly, the screen goes black and text appears: Why are you looking for Victor Stone?

Diana types: Are you Victor Stone?
Reply: I was.
Diana: I need to speak to you.
Reply: You are.
Diana: No, face to face.
Reply: How can I trust you?
Diana: If I was going to attack you I would have done it by the lake.
Reply: (He shows her a location on a map.)

Cut to Diana arriving at the location Victor gave her. Diana tells him that they need him, and maybe he needs them. He tells her that he does fine alone. Diana tells him about her past, shutting herself off from everyone. Suddenly, Victor flies away.

Cut to a ship at sea in a storm. Sinking. Aquaman saves him and drops him off at a bar. He walks back out and into the waves.

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