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What happens during this PeeTime:
Hercule goes back to his cabin. Then there's a montage -- we can tell it's not long after Hercule goes back to sleep -- and a siren goes off. Hercule wakes up again.

The train comes to a sudden stop. The passengers, and their things, are scattered everywhere. Everybody panics. The train is derailed on a bridge, in front of a tunnel.

Cut to the dining cabin, where everyone has gathered. Bouc (the manager) tells everyone that the train is unable to go anywhere until the staff from the next stop comes and clears the path. Until then, everyone will be warm and fed. Everybody complains about missing their connections.

Cut to Mr. Masterman (the butler), bringing breakfast to Mr. Ratchett's (Johnny Depp) cabin. He knocks on the door a few times -- no answer. The train attendant comes and asks if there's a problem. He knocks on the door too, but nobody answers. Then Hercule arrrives. Hercule asks Mr. Masterman to bring Bouc and the Doctor immediately.

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