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What happens during this PeeTime:
Gardner says to Nicky, "Shut the door, Nicholas -- have a seat." He proceeds to tell his son that he's been sullen, uncooperative, and friendless, and that it's been decided to have Nicky go away to a military academy. Gardner says, "I had to pull a few strings to get you in -- Congratulations!" Nicky is silent and incredulous.

Cut to the grocery store, where the black neighbor is trying to pick up some food. The store manager tells her that milk costs $20, and the bread also costs $20. He's being a racist jerk, and that comes through clearly. He suggests she might find the prices better at another establishment. She gets the point, and leaves.

Cut to the growing gang outside the black family's home, where the neighborhood racists are still conducting noise harassment. Their crowd is growing. A radio show plays nearby, talking about the evils of interracial communities.

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