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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Valkyrie coming into Hulk's room. They "play fight" a little. Thor is there and says to Valkyrie, "We need to talk." She's about to leave when Thor says, "Odin is dead." Valkyrie stops, while Thor gives her the news about what happened.

Valkyrie gives Thor a history lesson: Hela's power is derived from Asgard, the same as Thor's. When her power grew beyond Odin's control, she massacred everyone in the palace and tried to seize the throne. When she tried to escape her banishment, Odin sent the Valkyrie to fight her back. They succeeded, but it cost them everything. She says, "That's the problem with Asgard: the throne, the secrets, the whole golden sham."

Thor says he agrees, and that's why he turned down the throne, adding, "But it's about the people who are suffering." Valkyrie pushes him and says, "Forget it. I have." Thor says, "Thank you." She asks, "For what?" Thor holds up the device that controls his implant. "For this," he replies. He turns it off and removes the device from his neck.

Thor says: "You can hide from your problems, but I choose to run toward mine, because that's what heroes do." Thor jumps through the window and runs to the Shield spaceship.

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