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What happens during this PeeTime:
Jake tells, Ute Fassbinder, his superior, that he will be staying behind to enter the command codes, since they must be done manually. He will reboot the system. It also means he will die when the station explodes. There is discussion about who should do this and why.

Cut to Dekkom blowing up the taxi with the president in it. He says he is getting ready to be sworn in as the next president of the United States.

The taxi blows up, but no one is in it. Max, Sarah (his secret service girlfriend), and president had bailed out of the self-driving taxi, ambush Dekkom, and turn Dekkom over to the police.

Dekkom tells the president the destruction plot was really a favor - to make America the only superpower again (destroying select targets in the Geostorm). He wants to turn the clock back to 1945, when America was "great".

Max hits and knocks out Dekkom, and Sarah proudly says, "That's my fiancee).

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