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What happens during this PeeTime:
A storm comes in super fast, and everyone on the beach flash-freezes. This goes on a while, with people running to escape the cold front.

Cut to Jake, who is going to replace all the weather satellites.

Back to Brazil, where we see a scene from the trailer, of a frozen plane landing in downtown Rio.

Jake manages to destroy a weather satellite -- yay! -- but then finds out that the Geostorm (an Earth-destroying cataclysm) will occur in 90 minutes -- boo! Jake realizes he needs to shut down and reboot the Dutch Boy, and will need the president's command codes to do it. He freaks out when he realizes the president HIMSELF is the command code (retinal scans and fingerprints).

Deckkom tells Max they need to go reason with the president, and they set out to talk to him.

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