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What happens during this PeeTime:
A music montage begins showing the success of the *Wonder Woman* comic that is sweeping the nation.

M.C. Gaines says, "We've been banned by the *National League of Decency* (NLD). We have to cut out at least 60% of the bondage." Bill won't back down. He triples the amount of "kink."

Cut to Elizabeth calling in to work sick, so she can stay home and have sex with Olive. Bill comes home and joins them.

Cut to the interview with the NLD. The woman says, "You don't even deny that these images are overtly sexual." Bill yells, "An erotic component is necessary. How else is submission supposed to be pleasurable? I am teaching readers to submit to a loving authority, and that submission is pleasurable. Young boys must learn this most of all, if they are going to grow up respecting powerful women."

Bill and Elizabeth hold each other while Olive ties them up. Their neighbor comes into the house with a gift, and catches them.

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