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What happens during this PeeTime:
Merlin and Ginger Ale try to shock Harry's memory back, with an event from his early training. They flood his chamber. The trauma experience doesn't work, and they release the water. In a sad voice, Harry asks Merlin if he can go home and see his mother.

Cut to Eggsy and his girlfriend, who gives him a new puppy, just like the one who died. His girlfriend cheerfully bids him goodbye, telling him to "go save the world."

Cut to Statesman agent "Whiskey", who takes Eggsy to a festival in Glastonbury, England. They discuss how to plant trackers on people, and how the Statesman Way involves a tiny little condom, one for the finger. (The idea is to plant the tracker inside a woman's privates.) Eggsy realizes he has to do it to a blonde girl in front of them.

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