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What happens during this PeeTime:
The husband stands in front of the door, looking out. She asks,"What is it? Is that it?" The husband says,"I finished it," and gives her the script.

Cut to an imaginary scene: the two of them holding hands, standing in front of the burned house; then the house starts to become a new house, like it has come back to life; the forest around it comes back to life too.

Cut to Lawrence finishing the script. She says, "It's beautiful." He asks her why is she crying. She says it's just too emotional, and asks,"Am I going to lose you?" He says,"Never." The phone rings.

He goes to take the call and starts to talk, excited. It is his publisher. She asks,"She's read it?" He answers,"Of course, why?"

She looks a little shocked and disappointed. She walks back to the spot where the blood won't come off.

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