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What happens during this PeeTime:
He kneels on the ground, holding the broken pieces of the gem in his hands. They couple says sorry again, and the hostess tells them it's better that they leave.

She (Jennifer Lawrence) sees them go back to their room, then she looks at her husband. He squeezes the broken gem in his hands so hard his hands are bleeding. He notices her and yells at her to leave.

She goes downstairs, walks by the guest room, and sees the strange couple having sex. She runs to the bathroom, and takes that yellow powder again.

She sees her husband hammering wood panels to seal the study door. She asks,"What are you doing? What are you doing?!"

He answers,"They will never get in here again." She says,"Don't worry, I'm kicking them out." And he says,"Yeah, and where would they go?" He keeps hammering.

Cut to Jennifer Lawrence, as she goes to knock on the guest door.

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