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What happens during this PeeTime:
The man driving the car gets out to check on Rapp, but Rapp and Annika jump in the car and take off.

Cut to Ghost torturing Stan to find out information about his team.

Ghost asks, "Where's the new me?" Stan won't give up any information. Ghost pulls off one of Stan's fingernails and Stan yells, "That's all you got? I got nine more." Ghost electrocutes Stan.

Cut to Rapp and Annika following a map to Stan's location. Rapp tells her that he's sorry about her handler. Annika tells him that he was her uncle, and they were trying to stop the General from getting nuclear weapons.

Cut to Ghost, still torturing Stan. Ghost says to Stan, "You know what my real mistake was? That I trusted you. You made me feel like the second coming. You acted like my father. I trusted you like I trusted the US Navy." More torture. "You create monsters. That's just what you do."

Cut to CIA agent Irene Kennedy saying, "Where is the decryption I asked for?"

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