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What happens during this PeeTime:
Isabel thinks it's really cool, but George can't decide if he is going to do it. Isabel tells him he will regret it if he didn't take the job. He agrees.

Cut to Alice in her employer's house. She talks to the employer's daughter about ideas to remodel the playroom. Then her employer barges in and asks her to babysit the girl. She leaves the house before Alice can say no.

Cut to Alice. Her phone rings; it's her husband. He was upset that she didn't tell him about the guys who are staying at her place. She apologizes and asks him to come. He says he really wants to, but he's busy with work, and promises to come soon. She shakes her head on the other side of the phone. He tells her not to shake her head, as if he can see her. She wraps it up and says he will get here when he gets here.

She goes into the house. Teddy is cooking and the kids are helping. When dinner's ready, they take the food outside, to give Alice a surprise. They guys set up an outdoor movie picnic place. They watch Alice's dad's movie with an old film projector during dinner. Everybody's having a good time.

After dinner, Alice is alone in the kitchen, cleaning up. Then Harry comes in to help. They start to flirt.

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