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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to a music montage of them cleaning the bathroom. As they finish cleaning, Ben notices that Bill and Beverly are friendly. He puts his head down and walks away.

The point of view changes to Bill and Beverly talking. Beverly tells Bill that none of the rumors are true. Bill tells her that he never believed them. Then she says, "January embers." (The line from the poem on the card from her secret admirer.) Bill asks, "Was that in a play?" Beverly realizes that he didn't write the poem, so she changes the subject.

Cut to the *Losers* on their bikes. Bill tells them that he saw something too. He shares his experience about seeing his brother in the cellar, and then the clown. Eddie says he saw the clown too. The others nod in agreement, that they have all seen it - except Richie.

Then they see Henry's Trans Am - the bully - beside the road. They're about to ride away, when they notice the *Home school boys* bicycle by the car. They go to help him.

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