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What happens during this PeeTime:
Beverly goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror for a few seconds, before using some scissors to cut her hair.

Cut to the next day. The "Losers" are standing in their underwear, looking down at the water in the quarry. (It's a long way down.) They take turns seeing who can spit the farthest. Then they talk about jumping in the water.

No one is brave enough to go first. Then they hear Beverly behind them yelling, "I'll go." She unbuttons her shirt, runs past them, and leaps off the cliff.

Cut to everyone in the water, having a good time, playing. (Nothing creepy happens.) Bill stares at Beverly when she's not looking.

One of the boys pulls out a notebook from Ben's backpack. He sees the photocopies from library books and asks, "What's with the history lesson?" Ben starts to tell everyone about the reading he did about the city's history.

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