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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Auntie Blossom, who talks to Xiulan in a room. She threatens her to make the two masters decide who wins, or she will put her in one of those prostitution houses. Xiulan talks back that Auntie Blossom is just another Binue (which means handmaiden) with silk clothes and jewelry.

Steve comes to the restaurant. Auntie Blossom tells him to give her a winner by tomorrow midnight -- there's more at stake now.

Cut to Steve, who rides to Wong Jack Man at his old spot across the Golden Bridge. Steve tries to convince him to make a decision on the result of the game. Wong Jack Man explains that it's not that simple. He will only admit he lost if he knows that Bruce Lee has learned the lesson, which would mean a true winning for him. Steve asks about Xiulan. Wong Jack Man tells him that that is a matter for him to decide.

Cut to the laundry shop, where Steve tells his Chinese friend that he's gonna go get Xiulan himself, and storms out.

Cut to Bruce Lee at his office. The phone rings.

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