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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to people betting money on the fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man.

Scenes of the two training and preparing for the big contest.

Cut to the Chinese girl Xiulan and Steve meeting in the back alley of the Chinese restaurant. Steve tells her that she will be free. Xiulan asks what about the other girls, that they are like her sisters. Steve goes back to the motorcycle and rides away.

Cut to Steve, who arrives at Bruce Lee's place and relays the message from Wong Jack Man. No kicks in the face are allowed, and in return, Wong won't use his kicks. No more than a dozen witnesses are allowed. Bruce disagrees at first, but Steve reminds him that he has said, "anywhere, anytime." Bruce caves and agrees to do it Wong Jack Man's way. But, he wants the result to be known by the public.

Cut to Auntie Blossom greeting an old Chinese man. The man is pleased with what she set up on the betting of the two kung fu masters.

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