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What happens during this PeeTime:
As Jimmy and Sylvia part ways, they joke about him forgetting that they kissed in high school.

The scene cuts to Jimmy's house. His sister is there, and they talk about the robbery. Jimmy tells her to stop worrying - he has everything under control. As he walks away, he says, "You just worry about your roaches."

Mellie paints the big roaches with fingernail polish. She has a few different colors that she puts on a lot of them. This comes into play a little later in the movie, and you'll understand why she was painting them.

The next few scenes are of all the different players in the heist, collecting things they'll need.

Jimmy collects a few things and runs into Cal, his former boss. They chat for a few seconds, and Jimmy learns that the construction project is finishing a week early. Now they have to move their robbery up by a week. This poses a large problem for them.

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