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What happens during this PeeTime:
Michael admits it was his fault, and that he did it all to himself. Darius tells him that he didn't do it to himself, and adds, "Life happens."

Darius asks Michael how he and Agent Roussel met. We see a flashback of Michael at a wedding as he tells the story of their meeting. It's not important, but they literally bumped into each other. The scene is played over REO Speedwagon's "I want to know what love is."

Darius says, "See, that's what I'm telling you. Life just happens. You bumped into her." The two of them go back and forth, arguing.

Cut to the soldiers sitting in cars beside the freeway, waiting to see Darius go by.

Cut to Darius and Michael, in a parking garage, strategizing how to get past the soldiers. Michael suddenly says, "I have to call Amelia and apologize."

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