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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Michael and Darius at Michael's safe house in Amsterdam. While Michael talks about how secure the house is, Darius breaks in (off camera), and opens the door from the inside. Michael is impressed.

Michael takes Darius into his weapons room. On the way in, Darius sees a photo of Michael and Amelia happy together.

Cut to the courtroom. The judge decrees that Darius' testimony will be allowed, if he can show up by 5:00 PM.

Cut to Michael calling Amelia. He tells her that he forgives her. Amelia pauses, and then says, "Are you f#$&ing kidding me? You're seriously doing this right now?" She curses at him some more, and hangs up.

Cut to Michael discovering that Darius has slipped out of the apartment.

Cut to the street outside the cell, where Darius' wife is being held. Both Interpol and the soldiers for Dukhovich are there, waiting for Darius to arrive.

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