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What happens during this PeeTime:
Peter goes home and asks his suit to help him find the men who were at the arms deal earlier in the movie. The suit tells him that it records everything he sees. (Part of the "Baby Monitor" protocol.)

The suit replays scenes from the day Peter saw the arms deal. There's a few funny clips of Peter impersonating different Avengers. The suit uses facial recognition to find the man who was at the arms deal to make the buy. The suit asks Peter if he would like to engage the Advanced Interrogation Protocol. Peter says, "Yeah, sure."

Cut to Peter in a parking garage. He finds the man and webs his hand to his car. Peter says, "Remember me? I need some information..." Peter's voice sounds distorted and intimidating, but the man isn't phased. Peter turns off Interrogation Mode. Peter pleads with him. The man finally tells Peter when and where the guy in the winged suit is going to be for his next sale.

Cut to Peter swinging onto the Staten Island Ferry, looking for the men.

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