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What happens during this PeeTime:
Peter and Ned are walking down the school hallway, when Peter recognizes two guys from the arms sale coming toward them. Peter tells Ned to hide while he follows the men. The men have a device that can track where the "glowey thing" has been. Peter manages to place a Spider-Tracker on one of the guys, before they leave the school.

Cut to Ned in Peter's room. They watch a holographic display of where the men are. There's a montage of time passing. Hours later, the men stop in Maryland.

Peter figures the best way to get to Maryland is to join the academic decathlon team in DC.

Cut to Peter meeting the team at the bus. Happy calls Peter and tells him that he noticed he's left the city. Peter asks how he knows, and Happy tells him that the suit has a Tracker. Peter tells him that he's on a school trip.

Cut to Ned hacking Peter's suit.

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