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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cogman (Butler Bot) launches himself out of the sub like a torpedo. He comes back a scene later, with two large fish.

Cade has pulled his shirt up to look at the talisman moving around on his torso. Vivian walks past and sees his abs (very ripped) and is flustered.

Butler Bot comes back and has a table set for the two of them to have a "last meal," since it's the end of the world. Butler Bot brings them sushi.

Cut to Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) using a secret entrance to enter the Prime Ministers office. Sir Burton tells the PM to marshal all his military forces because the world is going to end, and he knows where and when.

Cut to Cade, Vivian, and Butler Bot looking out of the view port on the sub, at a massive underwater ship. Butler Bot says, "You are the first to see this ship since the Dark Ages. Your talisman is the key to unlocking this ship." They enter a portal.

Cut to the TRF soldiers in the sub, approaching the underwater ship. They follow Cade and Vivian inside.

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