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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to a group of middle aged women playing cards and grilling Vivian about finding a man. Vivian disregards their advice. Vivian's mother asks, "What's so terrible about me wanting you to have what your father and I had?" Vivian says, "Because he was an ass." Vivian says her father had no honor. Her mother tells Vivian to look in her father's study to see if there's anything she wants to keep. (He recently died. Unknown how or why.)

Vivian goes into her father's study. It's packed with books and papers. She has a flashback to herself as a little girl in his study. Her father caught her in the room and sent her out.

Cut to Vivian getting into her car. There's an invitation on the passenger's seat by Sir Edmund Burton to join him for high tea, this very moment. The car doors lock and the car takes off, driving itself. The car starts talking to her in a French accent.

There's a long chaotic scene of Vivian trying to get out. The car is then passed by a sports car. It scans the car and transforms itself into a Lamborghini.

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