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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to the junk yard. Hound sets up a call for Cade to talk to his daughter. Cade can't actually talk to her. (He can only listen because they can track his voice.) She talks to him for 20 seconds. She's safe and doing well, and tells him it's not his job to save the world.

Cut to the basement of the Pentagon. General Morshower briefs Colonel Lennox. They have intel that Megatron has been seen at all six horn locations around the world. Megatron has also made contact with TRF. He has snatched up two CIA agents and wants to negotiate the release of some of the Decepticons held in prison. The department of Justice has okayed it, as long as the military watches his every move.

The General tells Lennox that there is a weapon out there of unimaginable power, and Megatron can lead them to it.

Cut to a desert, where Megatron is meeting with Lennox and a team of lawyers.

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