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What happens during this PeeTime:
Megan and Rex train at the base. The soldiers watch and appreciate her hard work.

Cut to Megan in her barrack. There's a knock at the door and a man yells, "Get ready - you're going on mission in 5 minutes." Megan says, "I thought I wasn't allowed to go on mission." The man says, "We don't have anyone else."

Cut to Megan and Rex in a Humvee, going into a small village. Megan and the soldiers begin searching a house. Megan takes her time searching the room. Rex climbs up on a pile of rugs and sits down. Megan asks a soldier, "Can you check this?"

The soldier pulls back a rug on the wall, and there is a big stash of weapons inside.

Cut to Megan and Rex sitting outside. Morales asks, "You found all of this?" Megan nods toward Rex and replies, "He did."

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