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What happens during this PeeTime:
As Maddy walks into her sun room, she sees that Olly has taped up hundreds of scenic ocean pictures. He leaves a note on the window that says, "Every ocean deserves to be seen by you."

Maddy fantasizes about floating in the ocean again. She then starts writing a letter to her mother. She tells her that she loves her, but she really wants to go out and live. (It is a very touching letter - not blaming her mother - just trying to experience the life that she craves.)

She also tells her that it's not totally because of Olly, or maybe it is. She's not sure. She's packing her bag. She ends it by saying, "I'm not choosing death - if I don't go, I won't know what it is to be alive."

She then walks out of the house, and goes to Olly.

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