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What happens during this PeeTime:
They fly through caverns, down into the planet, to the core where they can destroy Ego.

Rocket shoots lasers to clear the way forward, and says, "Are we saving the galaxy again?" Peter replies, "I guess." Rocket says that's gonna jump up their prices, as two-time galaxy savers. Peter says he can't believe that's what he's thinking. They quarrel with each other, as usual.

Kraglin (the lieutenant) stays in the ship, listening to music. He sees a swarm of Sovereign ships arrive, and dives into the planet. He tries to warn Yondu, but Yondu doesn't hear the message.

Cut to Yondu and Peter still driving the ship to the core of the planet. Yondu asks Peter what Ego wants from him. Peter says his ability to control light and create planets. And that he made a small light ball - that's all that he could think of at the time. Yondu tells Peter that he doesn't control his arrow with his mind, but his heart.

Cut to Gamora, Drax and Mantis thrown out of the ship. They land on a rock platform.

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