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What happens during this PeeTime:
We see the Captain and Spark talking at the trash heap. Captain tells Spark how his father died. He tells Spark, "There was a terrible flood that wiped out the entire village. Your father worked tirelessly to get everyone to safety. Just as he lifted the last person under the raft, lightning struck the water. He was the bravest, most selfless monkey I've ever known. He gave everything for his people, including his life."
Spark is so very sad, yet so proud of his father.

Cut to Zhong sitting in front of five monitors, showing the leaders of five different planets. He tells them all that he's going to destroy their worlds. This causes a great deal of panic among the leaders.

Next, we see Spark standing in front of his father's memorial statue, where he sees the spirit of his father, who tells him, "Son, your friends are in danger, and you must be the spark of hope."

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