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What happens during this PeeTime:
In the back room, Major sees the mysterious robed guy, and hears a repeat of the warning, "Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed." There is an explosion, and we cut to Major awakening on a surgical table.

Major tells her doctor, "I saw him down there. It's like he waited to see me." She says that her glitches are getting worse, and they started when she did the deep dive. The doctor responds that Major was not authorized for the deep dive, and asks Major to be more careful, because she is the future of humanity.

Major responds, "That makes me feel more alone."

Cut to a scene where Batou is getting his eyes worked on, and says they will be like Major's now. He asks Major to feed the dogs for him (which she does, and they respond to her in a friendly way, surprising her.)

Cut to Cutter, the military guy, who says Major is "our most sophisticated weapon, but only if she is intact." He sees her only as an asset.

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