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What happens during this PeeTime:
Logan gets out of the truck, and takes his rage out by hitting the truck with a shovel. After a minute, he collapses in the street.

Cut to Logan, waking up in a clinic with an IV in his arm. A old doctor is there by his side, excited to see a mutant, after so long without them. Logan is covered in wounds. The doctor tries to get Logan to stay for treatment, but Logan refuses.

Logan and Laura walk out of the clinic. Laura walks across the street and gets into an old jeep. Logan gets in after her.

(The following happens after the 3 minute mark of this Peetime, just in case you're late getting back.)

Logan says, "I don't know how you got me here, but thank you." Laura responds, "De nada." Logan is astonished that she can talk, and asks why she hasn't been talking for the past 2,000 miles. Laura starts yelling at him in Spanish, and then starts repeating the names of the kids she was raised with.

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