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What happens during this PeeTime:
Pierce (the guy after Laura) and his team pull into the gas station where Logan, Charles, and Laura had stopped. The tracker is reluctantly helping them.

Logan drives his car to a part of town where there are lots of junked cars. He goes into the back, looking for something, and finds one of the pills that Charles was supposed to take, but didn't. He's upset.

Cut to Logan at a used car lot, buying a truck. The truck needs new tires, so he goes to a bar across the street while they work on it.

In the bar, he's looking at mutant records for Laura and the other children. Laura is a mutant: X-23. Logan looks through the X-Men comic and notices a panel where geographical coordinates are listed. He looks back at the coordinates where he's supposed to take Laura and realizes they are the same. He says to himself, "F#$@ing kid."

Cut to Logan arriving back at the hotel where he left Charles and Laura. He sees the men there that are after Laura. He's almost to the elevator, when everyone freezes. (Charles has frozen everyone during another seizure.) Logan struggles, like he's walking against a hurricane, to make it to the elevator and back to the room.

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