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What happens during this PeeTime:
The officer brings the captured Taotei to the young king. The king asks how they captured it. The other older officer interrupts and says it's the magnet.

Cut to William, who is tied up and being taken to Commander Lin Mei. She thinks he's a thief and a liar, and refuses to listen to William's defense. Then the young soldier that William was kind to makes a stand, and swears William's innocence. She becomes calmer and asks the guards to put William in a cell, and sends out men to find Ballard and Tovar.

Cut to Tovar and Ballard on the road. They come to a fork, and Tovar asks which way. Ballard tells him to go higher and look. While Tovar walks up higher, Ballard takes all the horses and black powder and rides away. It's too late when Tovar realizes he has been betrayed.

Cut to the Great Wall, where there are hot air balloons flying, and falling with people in them. Commander Lin Mei is in one of the balloons that does not fall.

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