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What happens during this PeeTime:
Tovar is upset, because their plan is to run as soon as the next Taotei attack begins. Tovar tells William, "Be injured, be missing, be a coward. Get out of this. We did enough." Then he leaves.

Cut to soldiers on the wall mixing a poison to apply to the arrows. Everyone's alert, waiting for Taotei to attack. The soldiers set out a huge trumpet-like thingy.

Cut to the young soldier, who William saved in the first attack. He drops a bowl of poison. His supervisor gets mad and sends him away. William sees it and gives the young soldier a kind look.

Cut to Ballard and Tovar hiding behind a wall. Tovar says, "He will be here." Ballard replies, "When? When it's over?" He says they are jumping off a cliff here; everything's planned, maps and supplies are hidden along the way out - there's no going back.

Cut to the Wall. It's quiet. Soldiers are waiting for Taotei, listening carefully through that trumpet-like thingy. Suddenly the attack of Taotei starts.

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