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What happens during this PeeTime:
Neil is writing and publishing the school blog about the teacher fight. Campbell asks him to stop. Neil says he will, in exchange for a Mac Book Pro. Neil freaks about being blackmailed.

Cut to Campbell running into town to buy a Mac Book Pro. He runs into his wife and daughter, who want to know why he isn't at school. Campbell lies and says he is buying the Mac for his wife, who is pleased. His young daughter wants to make sure her dad will appear at the talent show to back up her vocals/dancing. His wife and daughter accuse him of always being walked on at school. He promises he will be there at the talent show, even though his daughter tells him she wants to do a song they have not prepared.

He agrees, just to get them out of town and back home. He hands the new laptop to his wife.

Cut to Campbell buying a second Mac Book Pro for Neil and his blackmail scheme.

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