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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Facility, who goes with Tang Seng and his disciples on the journey. Facility and Tang Seng play around like a couple.

The Monkey comes to Facility and Tang Seng. Tang Seng asks what he's doing. The Monkey says he's peeing. Tang Seng asks him to go away because Facility is here. The Monkey drags Tang Seng to go pee with him.

After Tang Seng left, Pigsy comes to flirt with Facility. Facility tells him that the Monkey is staring at him. Pigsy thinks she's just playing with him. Then he's beaten away on a tree by the Monkey. He thinks Facility is still playing with him, and asks her to beat him and torture him like a masochist.

Cut to Facility giving the fish some water to drink, and unplugging his nose. The fish sneezes, then turns back into a man.

Cut to Tang Seng and the Monkey peeing together. The Monkey tells Tang Seng that Facility is actually a demon and wants to eat him. Tang Seng asks the Monkey why didn't him tell sooner. The Monkey says some demons are not so easy to be recognized. Tang Seng asks for proof.

Cut to Facility washing her hair by the river. Then she seems to look for something. The Monkey asks what she's looking for. She says, "A mirror." The Monkey hands her a bronze mirror, which is for demons to show their true faces. But it doesn't seem to work with Facility. The Monkey's confused, draws blood from Facility's wrist on the mirror, to see if the mirror smokes. Still nothing.

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