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What happens during this PeeTime:
The Monkey beats the red boy and they find the real king in a dungeon, trapped. They rescue the king. Tang Seng (the monk) puts the red boy into a little bag and gets out a small toy of the red boy.

The king calls out hundreds of beauties - all of them are his wives. He asks Tang Seng to choose as many as he wants to go on the journey with him. Tang Seng refuses the king's offer, and wishes the king to set his wives free. The king grants his wish, because all of them are actually ugly and eat a lot. But all of his wives are furious because they want to stay the king's wives.

The king spots a new face (the only beautiful one) among his wives and asks who she is. The Minister says she's the new girl, and used to be a singer. The king asks her to sing for Tang Seng and his disciples.

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