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What happens during this PeeTime:
Julia and Holt are standing at his house near the church, and the man introduces himself as Gaylin Burke - who watches over things there. He invites them in. He says, "So, you're looking for the girl? I find it interesting you were able to find her grave, even after the marker was removed."

Julia explains she had a vision of the grave that led her there, then inside the grave she had a vision of a well. He explains that back in Samara Morgans' day the priest was very active with the community. He heard that after all that little girl had been through, she was being denied a resting place.

Julia asks why she isn't there now, and Burke says because they paid nightly for this act of charity. It was as if God and nature wanted to be rid of her. Holt points out the flood. Burke says yes. He then says,"I had let myself believe, like you, that she was trying to tell me something. I was pulled to that grave. She showed me things. Things that no one should have to imagine. And then I went blind."

Julia apologizes, he says not to be sorry because it brought him peace. The priest requested her body be moved, to be forgotten. He tells them there is nothing about the girl to be curious about. Julia explains she has to see this through because of her visions. He tells her he thinks a vision doesn't mean you know what that vision means.

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