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What happens during this PeeTime:
After Gabriel says he needs his equipment, you see Julia, Holt and himself in a lab of sorts. He explains there are weird gaps in the digital code, glitches where they're getting snippets that weren't in the original video.

There is video data condensed in the still frames. Basically a video within a video. Julia says to Holt she doesn't want him to be upset, and they can't let it be for nothing, and just to not look back.

Then you see Julia watching another series of videos, with Gabriel asking her what she is seeing. She tells him she sees a cross, and a flood, and a girl. A burning body.

The video ends, and she says it was only images, but she couldn't explain how it felt. Gabriel explains that the images she told him about have never been on the tape before, and primitive cultures believed the only way to free a soul was to burn the body.

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