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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Ray storming into the bank where he took the mortgage. He goes to the man who took the loan, and tells him he shouldn't have contacted him at home. The banker says, "When you're three months behind on your payments, you don't get to decide where we contact you." Ray walks out.

Cut to Ray standing outside a McDonalds at night. The woman (Joan) that he sang "Pennies From Heaven" with is inside working. She sees him looking at her and goes out and asks, "Ray, what are you doing here?" He says, "Just came up to see how things are going."

Cut to Ray sitting with Joan and her husband at dinner. They tell him that they aren't making as much as they expected because of the overhead. One big expense is the power cost of running the freezer where the ice cream for the milk shakes is stored. Joan shows him a powdered milkshake mix that is just as good, that requires no refrigeration, and can be made in half the time.

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