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What happens during this PeeTime:
We see people milling around outside, taking care of the animals and caring for the grounds. Ned is watching from the window when Gustav and Laird do more martial arts.

Cut to Ned and Laird at a Christmas tree lot. Laird spots the perfect tree, except it's not on the tree lot, it's out in front of a business, and fully decorated. Ned tells him he can't get that tree, but Laird turns and asks a man on the tree lot if he can borrow his chain saw.

Ned, Laird, and the man from the tree lot are in front of the perfect tree. Laird is trying to get the chain saw fired up, but has no luck. Ned steps up and takes the saw and gets it started on the first pull.

Now we see Ned and Laird in Laird's car with the Christmas tree strapped to the top.

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